Monday, November 25, 2013

Iskandar Malaysia Low Carbon Community Implementation Book

"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Wednesday launched the Iskandar Malaysia Low Carbon Community Implementation Book to enable the residents of Iskandar Malaysia to enjoy better living with the use of more efficient energy in 2015". Read more here.

I'm a skeptic but am willing to give the government a benefit of the doubt. Let's see how much of this is actually implemented on the ground (doesn't look like UEM gets the memo though).

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Adorable Puppies In Urgent Need for Loving Homes

Helping neighbour to spread the message: Ms Crystal found 13 puppies born at a construction site by 3 mummies. Unfortunately, 1 was dead as rammed by lorry. Fearing for their safety, Ms Crystal have re-homed the rest and is left with 2 puppies. Ms Crystal is only in JB during weekend and she cannot request for her friend to foster these puppies permanently. Hence, please help to post and share this if you cannot help these puppies. Otherwise, the puppies would have to be returned to the construction site. Thank you very much!

New food delivery online service - Foodpanda

Hi everyone, I received an offer to try out a new food delivery online services, Foodpanda, which now includes Chatime, Starbucks and a few other restaurants on board. Check it out. Would be good to have more variety other than just pizzas!

Anyone looking for private shuttle service between East Ledang/Ledang Heights/HH to Singapore?

We're looking into possibilities of setting up private shuttle services btw our area & Singapore for those who commute daily for work. Hence, we'd appreciate if you could take a few minutes to complete the survey so that we have better picture of needs for the neighbourhood. Thanks a lot for your help and please also help to spread the words and pass the survey to others in the neighbourhood.

Survey: Executive Transport Services

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Very bad traffic at Singapore Tuas checkpoint every day in past 2 weeks

Life's back at work has been quite tough, added by the stress of daily commute in past couple of weeks. Traffic is usually pent up all the way til end of 2nd link bridge in morning (7.50-9 am), which means it takes an average 50 minutes to 1 hour just to clear the bridge. Traffic leaving Singapore at 5.45-6pm is also bad with queuing time of average 30 minutes. Hence, daily travel time has been averaging 3.5 hours per day :(

Let's just hope that things will improve this week....argh!!!!

Have good Sunday everyone,

Pinewood Johor to host a USD55M American TV series

This is so cool and I'm so looking forward to this!

"A US production company — yet unnamed — will be the first to utilise the spanking new studio and production facility that has been open since July this year. The production team will include 30% Malaysian crew and seven interns from local institutions of higher learning — a requirement set by PIMS in a bid to grow opportunities for local talent involvement in foreign productions. CEO Michael Peter Lake told The Malaysian Reserve, the details of the production and producers of this production will be unveiled by the end of this month."