Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Trip to Kukup Fishing Village

We went to Kukup Fishing Village a few weekends ago. Kukup is a small fishing village in district of Pontian, Johor, which is quite popular with Singaporeans. It's filled with seafood restaurants which are built on stilts over water. Besides seafood restaurants, there is an international ferry terminal with ferries scheduled for Tanjung Balai Indonesia. If you search for Kukup Fishing Village in Google, you will also find listings of tours packages which offer 2D1N stay.

We found the driving direction in OneMotoring's forum:
- From Tuas checkpoint, continue on LebuhRayah highway and take exit to Gelang Patah.
- Once in the exit, follow a slip road to your left. Drive until you reach a T-Junction (a left and right turn) and turn right.
- After you have turned right at the junction, it is quite a distance before you reach another T Junction (a left and right turn). Turn left and after about 45 minutes - at about 80Kmh, you will reach the a Cross junction. Going Straight would be Pontian Kechil, Turn right would bring you to JB. So you turn left to KuKup.
- Before you reach Pontian Kechil, you would pass by a town called Pekan Nenas (Pineapple Town) just follow the main road until you reach the Cross-Junction.
- Up until this stage, you can look out for signs pointing to Kukup or Kukup Golf Resort.
- Once you have turned left, just drive for about another 30 minutes at 80kmph. you should then reach an archway that says - Welcome to Kukup.
There are clear and easy to follow signs so it is pretty easy to get to Kukup.

Below are some pictures that we took of the area:

We had a small lunch at one of the restaurants (too bad I can't remember the restaurant's full name), it had blue frame and is the first restaurant if you look to the left when you exit from the ferry terminal. We ordered lobsters, steamed prawns and vegetable. The lobsters are actually balmain bugs (that's what they're called in Oz). The food is quite nice, but there was a little bit too much MSGs on the lobsters. Though it was priced OK, I didn't think that it was that cheap. Overall, it's still a good place to go for tourists and expats, so I would recommend checking it out for the experience. You can also take a boat ride to check out the area which we did not have the time to do unfortunately. I was happy to have checked out a Johor's popular destination and it was a pleasant relaxing trip.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Malaysia safest country in Southeast Asia, 19th in the world

Read this article today and I must say that I was a bit surprised and skeptical. Malaysia has been rated as the safest country in SouthEastAsia and 19th safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index (GPI). The first thing that came to everyone's mind must be "how about Singapore, how can Malaysia be safer than Singapore". It's quite a contrast to all the Singapore blogs and forums that we read before moving to Johor. There were talks about how unsafe Johor is, a guy even said that he's never been to Johor for over 20 years and he doesn't plan to go because of safety issues, hahaha what a douchebag.

Well this latest rating is a good (even though I'm skeptical), but it's good for us who lives in Johor, I hope the government and police keep up the work and make it even safer to live.

Malaysia safest country in Southeast Asia, 19th in the world

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunway eyes Iskandar expansion

Sunway Bhd plans to more than double the size of its landbank in Medini Iskandar, raising it to around 2,000 acres from the already-announced acquisition of around 700 acres, industry sources said.

“The project will be a significant one and Sunway hopes to differentiate itself from other developments in Iskandar with a unique offering, targeting very much the Singapore market,” said one source.

“It will be more innovative than what Sunway has in Malaysia,” the source added.
Sunway eyes Iskandar expansion

Progress of UEM's East Ledang new phases & Ujana construction

Quick update on a cloudy Sunday & this is my 1st ever post from new Samsung android phone blogger app, i hope it works!

Time flies really quickly and in a blink of an eye, it's surprising to realise that we have been living in East Ledang for 1.5 years!

There has been quite a lot of development around this area and I took some pictures yesterday to show the progress of UEM's projects.

There's a new highway which connects us to JB city now (though i've not tried this route) and phase 2 & 8 (i think) of East Ledang looks almost completed - well at least from the exterior. The Ujana apartment seems to be going on well as well, but i dont particularly like the design :)

By end of this year, we should have a lot more neighbour Yeay! Hopefully not too crowded though.

I will continue to take and share pictures of this area's progress. In the meantime, have a great Sunday everyone! Happy birthday to David & Jason.

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