Sunday, September 9, 2012

Legoland Preview

By now, I'm sure most people would have read about the weekend previews of Legoland. A friend of mine went last week so I asked her to share some pictures with us. She found that it was a good entertainment for her kid and good value for money, though food wasn't exactly that great yet (I'm sure this will change over time). Reviews seem to be qreat so far, I'm looking forward to visiting soon!

This is so cute!!!!

And sharing a touching story about origin of Lego

Here we go again. Renovation part 2.

Sorry for being M.I.A for a while. Life has been hectic lately as we kick started stage 2 renovation in our house. We are now back to living in 1 room and without kitchen and TV. I feel a lot more confident that stage 2 will be way smoother and less painful than what we went through in stage 1, now that we have found a reliable designer contractor. We are redoing quite a number of cabinets & rewiring work done by previous contractors. We are expecting to finish stage 2 in 3rd week of October, so I am super looking forward to that! Stage 3 is exterior and we'll start thinking about it in Oct.

Renovation aside, I've also had some interesting time with our car. Besides getting a speeding ticket & demerit points (watch out for your speed on AYE near exit 20-22 towards Tuas) and forking SGD4K for car repair, life's generally good :)

Very much looking forward to October!!!

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Frost & Sullivan to invest RM500mil in Iskandar

We saw Frost & Sullivan sign now put up in building opposite UEM sales office. I was wondering what they were doing here but this news article confirms that Frost & Sullivan is setting up in Iskandar with commitment of over RM500mil in investment and 830 staff in employment by 2020. Great to see more addition and growth to this area.

Frost & Sullivan to invest RM500mil in Iskandar

Monday, September 3, 2012

Anti-Venom Information

Hi Everyone, Following the latest snake cobra sighting in Ledang Heights, our neighbour has investigated steps to take in case if someone is bitten by a snake in this area.

Entry by Wendy:

The nearest hospital is Sultanah Aminah General Hospital in Johor Bahru: 80100 Johor Bahru, along Jalan Abu Bakar! It is 22 kilometers from East Ledang and if you drive FAST I would think you can get there in about 10-15 minutes. Take coastal highway directly there. All parents are recommended to visit this place once as a preparation! You must drive to the EMERGENCY ROOM called KECEMASAN.

Private hospitals such as Columbia Asia and KJP Specialists DO NOT CARRY ANTI-VENOM!!! DO NOT GO THERE...ONLY WASTES TIME.

The most crucial factor to surviving poisonous bites is TIME...get to anti-venom IMMEDIATELY. Also, knowing what type of snake is important - I will research this and send photos and good descriptions.

You should call while driving there to alert the emergency doctors of the situation to SAVE TIME: 225-7000, extension 3248.

The anti-venoms that are available are for bites from: malaysian pit vipers, cobras, kraits, sea snake... and polyvalent anti-venom is available for unidentifiable snake bites.

If ever you find a snake you can contact the security guards (075513367) or wildlife department of Johor (+6072247436) for removal.