Sunday, March 4, 2012

Progress of UEM's East Ledang new phases & Ujana construction

Quick update on a cloudy Sunday & this is my 1st ever post from new Samsung android phone blogger app, i hope it works!

Time flies really quickly and in a blink of an eye, it's surprising to realise that we have been living in East Ledang for 1.5 years!

There has been quite a lot of development around this area and I took some pictures yesterday to show the progress of UEM's projects.

There's a new highway which connects us to JB city now (though i've not tried this route) and phase 2 & 8 (i think) of East Ledang looks almost completed - well at least from the exterior. The Ujana apartment seems to be going on well as well, but i dont particularly like the design :)

By end of this year, we should have a lot more neighbour Yeay! Hopefully not too crowded though.

I will continue to take and share pictures of this area's progress. In the meantime, have a great Sunday everyone! Happy birthday to David & Jason.

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  1. Regarding the highway (the coastal highway), actually the part from Horizon Hills to Danga Bay was officially opened at the end of 2011, however, for the remaining part (from Horizon Hills to East Ledang) is still not officially opened. But I've tried it already. There are some blocks (but semi-open) at the entrance of the exit. It seems that those blocks have not yet been removed, right?

  2. Hi Liu, thanks for reading my blog. Sometimes the blocks are there and sometimes they're not. I think a lot of drivers have tried the new highway anyway. I'm yet to give it a shot, but I heard that it cuts down traveling time quite nicely so it's great.


  3. hi erika.

    thks so much for the updates on east ledang. we are waiting for our place in phase 2 to be ready and to hear u say tat it looks almost complete makes us really happy. :)) can't wait to move in and meet up with u.

    keep the posts coming. awesome job!!!!



    1. Hi Hany, it's definitely getting closer by the day! All the best and hopefully everything will go smoothly for you.

      Happy Weekend,