Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marlborough College is 80% complete and set to open in Educity Aug 2012

I read an article today that Marlborough college is about 80% complete and is set to open shop in August. This is not a new piece of news, but it's interesting to know that the school has increased school fee even before school starts. Perhaps the school fees are pegged to the % of construction completion and when completion reaches 100%, school fees will be increased again :) I believe the annual school fee for year 1 (for 6 years old) is now 58K RM, which is more than my university annual fee. I guess private education never comes cheap. Having said that, I wish nothing but the best to the school , parents and students.

Last not but least, FYI for parents living in Singapore who are sending their kids to Marlborough in Johor, I also read this in Marlborough's site:

"Following the most recent discussions with Malaysian Government officials, the Ministry of Immigration and IRDA (Iskandar Regional Development Authority), we are pleased to inform you that the use of a fast track green lane and children being allowed to stay on the bus, to assist a safe and secure passage through customs and immigration, are viewed by all as the best way forward.

However, it is with disappointment that we have to report that the latest discussions have not resulted in the outcome we had hoped for with regard to passports. Pupils will be required to carry their passports, although we are investigating MACs and student passes to ensure that passports are not stamped. All passports will be looked after by Marlborough College Malaysia's adult representative".

Looking forward to welcoming Princess Kate's visit in Johor during Marlborough opening ceremony.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Erika,
    Thank you for the update. The other day I also saw that Newcastle University building has already completed but is it open ?

    1. Hi StarFire, thanks for reading my blog. I apologise for my late reply as I've been away traveling.

      Newcastle University has been opened for a while, the 1st cohort has started.