Friday, September 30, 2011

Iskandar Malaysia gets more hospitality investments

Greetings from Dublin.

More investments are coming into the hospitality industry in Iskandar Malaysia from domestic and foreign players within the next three years, which will add 3,000 more rooms in the region.

I would love to see more upmarket places (especially restaurants) in nearby areas!

Iskandar Malaysia gets more hospitality investments


  1. I think Johor really needs some office building with all the jobs that will fill it. Then those workers will bring money into the economy to support the malls, restaurants, stalls... And some long term planning, put in some parks now (or at least reserve the land). PUt in long term mass transit plans and increase the quality of bus service (have maps of where they go with schedules...).

    I do also agree more upscale food would be nice. Though local for me is downtown and I have a feeling you want them out near the 2nd link :-) I do really like the food options I have downtown. More is just nice, too.