Sunday, June 17, 2012

UEM Land Q1 Profits Up 207% thanks to East Ledang and few other developments

Recent article reported that UEM Land's revenue increased 61.8% to RM303.72mil from RM187.68mil in Q1 2012, mainly due to contribution from the group's development from East Ledang, Nusa Bayu, Nusa Idaman, MK28 and Quintet as well as sale of inventories from Dutamas and Meridin.

Well, I certainly hope that they spend some of this profit in better maintaining the development! A lot of times, UEM can be such a slack, for example quality of building is not as "prestigious" as image projected (i.e. high end development), gardens which have never been finished, refusal to service any building defects for sub-sale units, etc. UEM show us and the world that you are actually able to build and maintain high end development.

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