Sunday, June 17, 2012

TGV Ciname Aeon Bukit Indah Opened on 1st June

Good afternoon, I hope everyone's having a great weekend. I meant to write this article a couple of weeks ago but was caught up with other usual :)

We finally have a cinema near home. TGV opened its 17th cinema on 1st June at Johor Bahru; TGV Bukit Indah. This cinema is located in the newly extended area of Aeon mall and only encompass 7 standard halls, but also an additional Beanieplex hall as well as a premiere class hall, TGV Club.

We've yet to watch a movie, but it's definitely in the plan. To check out movies and screening sessions, visit TGV.


  1. Hey, we were here on the weekend watching Madagascar 3 (Alex's choice!) and we enjoyed the facility. There is an oddity with the booking system though - only certain seats qualify for the kids pricing (RM$9) but the website doesn't say so.

    The seats are the best I've encountered and we will certainly be back! It is nice to finally have a good cinema in the area. The last one we went to had a dirty screen and it was projected image was akin to watching a VCD!

    1. Hi Desertknights, thanks for reading my blog and for sharing your movie experience. We had the couple seats and they were good, we'll definitely be going back for more movies! Have a great week ahead.