Thursday, July 12, 2012

About 5,000 Singaporeans call Johor home, WOW!

I found this newly published article on The New Paper:

About 5,000 Singaporeans now call Johor home, estimates the Johor-Singapore Community Care Association, a newly formed group that aims to champion the interests of Singaporeans living across the Causeway.

The New Paper interviewed 3 families who shared their stories about moving to Johor and it's similar story one would hear from most of our neighbours (including us). We feel very lucky to have bought our house at the right time and even luckier to have great neighbours.

It is true that Johor is definitely not as safe as Singapore (not many places in this world are), but as long as we are prudent, vigilant and look after each other in the community, the probability of incidents will be reduced. The article also mentioned about Johor-Singapore Community Care Association (JSCA) which is formed to act as voice to speak to authorities for security concerns in Johor. This association can be contacted at

Despite rising crime, S'poreans don't regret buying Johor properties


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