Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking for home for rescued puppy

We found this puppy trapped in the drain behind our house couple of nights ago. The puppy is ~1-2 months old and we are not sure of it's breed, but it is very cute and looks like a teddy bear. We are checking to see if the puppy belongs to any house, but in the meantime we are also trying to look for new home in case if the puppy is stray. Unfortunately the puppy will grow to be too big for our chihuahua. Please msg me if you would be keen to adopt or if you know of any friends who would be open to adoption. We are only looking for dog lovers. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Hey Erika, this looks very much like one of the five puppies that are from the Phase 2 construction site. The point where they exit the site is right next to our place. I will be home all day today and if you bring it over, we could "re-home" it. At the time of writing, the mother is sitting right outside my place! :)