Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Taste of Mexican in Nusa Bestari

It's always great to see more variaties to local dining scene. As soon as Piedra was opened, it became the talk of our neighborhood so I was very eager to test out the food.

I must say that they did not disappoint at all. Food was great, atmosphere and service was also great. Since it was a while ago (sorry i have been very slow in updating my blog...i know), i cant remember the names of the dishes, but all of them were very nice. I also love the buah dong dong drink (not really Mexican but love it anyway).

Dinner for 4 cost us about RM200+, including a few bottles of beers. When we went couple months ago, the restaurant manager/key chef (transferred from Sg temporarily) was very friendly and nice. I'm not sure who's running the restaurant now but i hope the quality of food and service remain great.

I would recommend this eating joint, even if you're not into Mexican food, go for few drinks and enjoy the open seating concept.

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