Friday, August 23, 2013

Air Asia Johor - Jakarta flights from Senai Airport

Afternoon everyone,

Thank you to my readers who have stayed with me throughout these years. It's always nice to meet some of you in person and hear that my blog has been useful in helping your move to Johor. That's the main reason why I started blogging 3 years ago and still continuing to do so (albeit less frequent now). Thanks for your readership!

Before Hari Raya, we went back to Jakarta to spend time with my family. It was James' first flight ever so we were a bit nervous but he was such a good boy throughout the trip.

It's so nice to finally have direct flights between Johor Jakarta. Johor Jakarta flights are operated by AirAsia and flight time is o average 2 hours 50 minutes. 

AirAsia flies 4 x a week to Jakarta from Johor.

The Flight Schedule is: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) 
QZ 8189 Johor Bahru – Jakarta; 16:50 hours – 17:45 hours 
QZ 8188 Jakarta – Johor Bahru; 13:15 hours – 16:10 hours

Trip cost ~ RM250++ one way.

The arrival is in T3 CGK which is great, the other two terminals in Jakarta airport is jurrasic and pretty embarrassing!

On our way to Jakarta, we met with other family who came for 2 days holiday to visit Legoland. On the way back to Johor, there were so many Indonesian tourists who came here for the Hari Raya holiday. Legoland has definitely started to make names for Indonesians, woohoo! There should be increasing no of Indonesian tourists and investors soon, if not ready. 

Let's hope that AirAsia will start a Johor - Bali flight route soon!

Happy Friday everyone!

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