Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Logistics of Moving to Johor

Update 9 Aug 2011:

I reengaged Tong Carriage to help us move from rental to our own house (within East Ledang). I was so disappointed by my 2nd experience with them. Based on my list of items (which include the same fridge, dining table and washing machine they've moved for us previously), I was given a quote and agreed to reengage them. On the day itself, the 2 men sent by Tong Carriage were too tired and had no energy to lift our fridge, dining table and washing machine. I received a call from Calista (from SG HQ) and she wanted to charge me extra fee for her to bring an additional person to complete the move. When everything else has gone wrong every day, I don't think anyone who's in my shoes would be too happy to hear such comment. Not only have we agreed to the items and quote, but I've also referred quite a no of clients to Tong Carriage through my blog and chat with many folks. Calista replied saying that there are not that many referrals anyway. Long story short, my husband & contractor ended up helping the Tong Carriage guys to move the items.

I am deeply disappointed by the attitude and lack of appreciation, so I would not encourage anyone to engage them moving forward. As such, I've deleted my previous post on this.

Update 21st Aug 2011:
Unfortunately, another one of our neighbours did not have good experience at all from Tong Carriage. Not only were some items damaged, but some items were lost and packaging was not done properly. I would recommend to NOT use Tong Carriage moving forward.

Update 9th October 2012: Here's information I found from my neighbours: 1). Interswift Moving and Storage P/L ( Service engaged in 2010, manager in charge at that time (Mr. Jeevan Leroy) who was so-so but he did get the documentation in order. The team of 6 packers were good and they were careful to pack all remaining items in an orderly fashion, categorized by where items should be placed in new home.
The move itself was smooth and very timely (perhaps there was no jam at that time) and the truck arrived about 5-6 hours after it had left SG. Nothing was lost or broken during the entire process. The cost for this exercise was approximately S$2300 for a single 40-footer covered truck. They did not unpack the boxes which was fine but they did remove the clear wrap on everything else.

2). CHL (
Quite ok, not superb nor are they bad. Overall can be considered value for money. 1 and half container cost SGD$2,600. They pack everything except for clothing, and at the other end they unpack only the major items eg. Bed, sofa, desks etc. One mirror was broken and one of the wheels of the fridge was damaged. But overall the experience was quite smooth.


  1. hi,

    Great post. Got your link thru sammyboy. Were u aware of the LRT or railway linkup between Singapore and Malaysia?

    Also thanks for the referral. Will try Tong and see how much they quote...

  2. Hi Uncle David,

    Thanks for the comment! Yes I've read about the plan to build railway linkup, so we're very excited about that.

    Tong Carriage did a good job for us, so give them a call :)

    All the best!

  3. Hi Erika,

    I'm moving to Nusajaya in May and renting a place while waiting for my house in Phase 7 EL complete next year.

    Thanks for the this information which very useful to me. If u have other mover please let me know.

  4. Hi Linus,

    Thanks for reading my blog. Welcome soon to Nusajaya :) Whereabout in Nusajaya will you be moving to this May? I have a friend who bought a unit in Phase 7 too.

    I did ask the price for Allied Pickfords but it was way too expensive, so we decided to go with Tong Carriage in the end.

    I see lot of trucks for Tiong Nam driving on MY Lebuhraya highway everyday, so perhaps you could contact them about logistics service.

    Best of luck for your move,

  5. I called Tong Carriage, the quote is approx 1k (not including electronic tax if any). Sounds reasonable for a cross border move.

    For convenient sake, we are looking at Bukit Indah area for rental. It's definitely cheaper too.. :)

  6. Hi Linus,

    Thanks for reading my blog and for sharing. How did you go with Tong Carriage? We were quite happy with their service so now we're talking to them about forwarding agent service as we're planning to buy furniture from Bali.

    Good luck for your move!

  7. I beg to defer, I engaged Tong Carriage to move to Penang and they did an excellent job for us from packing and putting all my expensive glassware and then helping us relocating everything at our new home. Calista the manager is still working with them and she has been very firendly and helpful fulfilling me and my husbands request. THey are also priced very reasonably!

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