Sunday, October 31, 2010

Surrounding Area - Sutera

Our neighbour took us to Sutera for dinner and we went back today to explore the area more. Sutera is about 20 mins drive from East Ledang. It's a mini suburb with shopping mall and rows of shophouses which are mostly cafes/restaurants.

Here, you can find different types of eateries, ranging from Japanese, Korean to Local Cuisines (e.g. Penang food) and cafes. There are also quite a no of reflexology/spas in the area and a colourful boutique hotel.

We had breakfast at a new cakeshop called Moonlight Cake House. We ordered 2 drinks, omelettes, chicken porridge and a slice of blueberry cheesecake. Food was good and the total bill was RM30.91 (est. SGD13) - Cheap!!!.

A few minutes walk from the shophouses area, you'll arrive at Sutera Mall. It's another suburbian mall that caters to family shopping for neaby residents. We did our grocery shopping @ Carrefour and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any significant price difference with Singapore Carrefour (except for a few items).

Overall, it's nice area and I'm sure we'll be visiting the area more often.

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  1. Hey Erika, Hanson here. Congrats on the shift - your place and the area looks really really nice!

    btw, I love the way you've decorated this blog - the bookshelf design is way cool...;-)

    Gimme a call whenever you're up in KL! :-)


  2. Hi Hanson,

    Thanks! I actually used a template for the blog design :) and I love the colour of it. Come visit us in Johor when you're in the area next time. When we're more settled down, we'll attempt to drive up to KL too :)