Sunday, May 29, 2011

Interview Series: Columbia Asia Hospital-Nusajaya | eNewsletter @Nusajaya

Insights on Columbia Asia Hospital

Q: Columbia Asia Hospital – Nusajaya (CAHN) is the first of the CAH chain of hospitals set up in the South Malaysia region. Was there a specific reason why Nusajaya was the preferred location as compared to other parts of Johor?

A: Nusajaya will be Asia's foremost fully integrated city with a world-class environment for business, living and leisure, while Afiat Healthpark is envisioned to be the one-stop modern day medical hub. With this, we believe that the location of Nusajaya is the most suitable for us to set our footprint in the south Malaysia region.

Interview Series: Columbia Asia Hospital-Nusajaya | eNewsletter @Nusajaya


  1. Hi Erika, where about in East Ledang do you live in? My husband and I have been looking for some properties there and may settle for one of the resale semi-d units there. We have a few concerns such as since more then 90% of the terraces and semi-d are sold, why so few occupancy?. Also once the finger printing at both immigrations are implemented on June 1st, what would the traffic flow be like? We plan to visit again on Thursday night, June 2 and possibly have dinner at the club house. Would it be possible to meet and talk?

  2. Hello Jackie,

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    We are currently living in the linked duplex while fitting out our twin villa (semi-d). A lot of foreigners snapped out the units and many use their units for investment + retirement/for weekend homes. There are still a lot of empty houses as many have not or are not moving to live here full time. However, I think it's nice that this complex is quite quiet as it will only get busier over 2012 and beyond (with phase 2 development completing soon).

    The fingers scan policy was implemented recently. You're only required to scan once (if you're non Malaysian), so no impact to traffic.

    Apologies I missed your invitation for 2nd of June, I was overseas and have just returned home. Why don't you come by next Thursday evening? There'll be residents gathering and you'll be able to meet with many of us :)

    Have a great weekend.