Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kittens to Give Away

Good morning everyone,

I'm helping Uncle David to post this msg:

Looking for home for 5 kittens which are 3 months old. Parents are Ragdoll (father) and a Domestic (mother). Else they have to be send to a Sanctuary in Malaysia. The kittens' mom is pregnant again and would need help to look after the kittens.

More from Uncle David here.


  1. Thanks for the help out. SPCA are out of the option as that would be the end of them. I can't sleep right also. However here in Malaysia near Gelang Patah there is this.

    I'm sorry to use this as last resort as in every life that is good there will be bad. So currently I am living the bad cycle...

  2. Hi Uncle David,

    Have you found anyone yet? I've also emailed to my contacts, but I've not received any responses so far.

    I hope you'll find good homes for these kittens.


  3. I love animals and if I was back in M'sia I would definitely get a few of those cuties!!

    But I believe every pet owner should be a responsible one. Things like this could be prevented. Places like NoahArks Lodge are full of abandoned animals because of us not being a responsible owner. I think a trip to the vet to have a cat sterilized / neutered would take less than 1 hr to and back.

    Wish the kittens will find a good forever home ~

  4. Yes, same for us, I hope that those kittens have found loving homes.