Sunday, July 31, 2011

Airport City Plan for Senai

I recently took a flight from Senai Johor airport to KL airport. With 40 minutes ride from home to Senai, flying from Senai to KL is the fastest and most convenient way for us to go to KL. The airport is very straightforward, quite modern and comfortable. It is a bigger airport than what I had imagined. The airlines which fly to Senai airport are Malaysia Airlines, Firefly and Air Asia.

Reading from the latest press release, international flights are to resume from Senai Airport as Firefly, the community airlines, has confirmed flying from Senai Airport to two Indonesian cities, Bandung and Surabaya, starting this August. I cannot wait for flight to be established between Jakarta & Senai as well. Fingers crossed.

Happy Sunday***


  1. I remember when I first came to Singapore, Air Asia has more international flights from JB Airport, including Bangkok, Bali, Surabaya and Macau! Even for domestic, there was flight to Tawau. Hope that they can be re-opened again, especially to Macau (well, better to Hong Kong!)

  2. Hi Erika,

    I'm a Johorean living in the UK and dreaming of moving back to JB with my family. I came upon your blog by chance as I was googling about properties near the second link. Enjoy reading your blog! And missing JB even more!


  3. Thanks Liu & Yati for reading my blog. I hope the international route will be re-opened soon! Have a great week.