Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally a supermarket near home

Good news for all local residents, Mydin supermarket has finally opened up and is now operating at 9-11pm on most days except for weekends and public holidays, during which the supermarket is open from 8.30 am.

We checked out the shop yesterday and were happy to see that it is quite complete, well except for non halal items. It is conveniently located at Anjung which is just next to entrance of East Ledang area. Good stuff! The place was filled with locals who I think are mostly from Gelang Patah. I've never seen Anjung filled with so many cars and people.

Again, this is great new addition to our booming neighbourhood. Check it out here.

P/s: this is my first post from my Android phone, so please excuse the typos - I blame it on the touch screen keyboard :)

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