Monday, January 16, 2012

Cheap carwash in Gelang Patah

If you're ever looking for a good and cheap (I'm talking RM10!!!) carwash, look no further than this small "shop" in Gelang Patah. There's no name to the "shop" and the reason I'm calling it a "shop" is because it's just a local house with an area for washing cars & bikes.

Here's my best attempt to point you to this place:
- If you're coming from Tuas 2nd link, Gelang Patah exit from Lebuhraya highway
- Drive straight until you are at a T-junction (you'll see a big globe) and turn left
- Drive straight pass few traffic lights until you arrive at another t-junction (facing the SG-Johor bus terminal) and you see Shell petrol station, turn right
- Drive past popular seafood restaurant Tian Lai on your left until you see Kedai Runcit Zufanas and a sign for "Car Wash Cat Kereta" then turn left into the "shop"


  1. Hi erika

    Thanks for the information

    best regards

    1. No worries Ronald - Happy Chinese New year!

  2. Not opened 24hrs. Might be closed already, I came here on Thursday, 2.30pm and it said closed. There's another car wash on the same road, nearer to Tian Lai, open from 10am to 10pm