Sunday, January 15, 2012

Italian Dinner @ Gianni Trattoria JB

I had to rewrite and re-post this entry as iPad erased my article when I tried to do a very small edit :(

I've heard and read a lot about Gianni's Trattoria which is currently rated as top 10 restaurants in Johor in TripAdvisor. We decided to give this place a shot.

Gianni is an upscale Italian restaurant which serves pizzas, pastas and other Italian cuisine. It's located at 110 Jalan Serampang JB, an upmarket area (kinda of) in Johor filled with bridal shops, saloons, restaurants, car showrooms (Lexus for example) and pubs.

Appetizers are priced in the range of RM15+ - RM28 while main course meals are priced in the range of RM20+ - RM90+

We ordered caprese, tomato soup with scallops, spaghetti frutti mare (seafood spaghetti), carbonara, creme caramel, banana split and drinks (+ glass of wine). Yes, it was quite a lot for 2 people but we wanted to try as many dishes as we can :)

While the appetizers were very nice (especially the tomato soup), I was quite disappointed that the main course and desserts were nice but not great. Since the restaurant is halal, they had to substitute pork bacon with turkey bacon which is very chewy and doesn't really do justice to the carbonara. Our dinner cost RM231 and it's definitely cheaper than the price we'd pay in Singapore. However, I still much prefer Italian food @ Valentino's or Pasta Brava in Singapore.

Appetizers & main course

Overall...hmmm, I say give this restaurant a shot. Afterall, it's still nice to have the option to go for fine dining in Johor. However, I would not rate the food as high as what others have rated.

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