Sunday, January 29, 2012

Progress of Legoland Johor Development

Update 7th Feb 2012:
It turns out that I've mistaken another site for the Legoland site :)

Here are some pictures of the real development of Legoland - enjoy:

You can see Legoland starting to take shape when you drive on Lebuhraya highway (heading back to East Ledang from Bukit Indah). I took these pictures a few weeks ago.

The park is due to be officially opened in second quarter of this year and is expected to target 1M visitors in its first 12 months of operation.

Annual passes are available for sale at AirAsiaRedTix and Legoland Malaysia websites.
Can't wait for Legoland Johor to be opened! All the best to Siegfried and team for getting the park completed and launched.


  1. I am afraid those photos are not Legoland. They are actually the Sports complex for EduCity. Hope this clarifies.

    1. Thanks for clarifying. I've received new photos and will be uploading them soon :)

  2. Thanks for that Nasser, I have always wondered what that was every time I drive past on the expressway myself.

    Speaking of Legoland, I've been disappointed with their outsourcing of their ticketing to AirAsia. I figured that any theme park worth its salt would handle its own ticketing.

    Of course, I have tried several times unsuccessfully to book the annual pass from They have not responded to any of my emails either. Think I'd better go check my card bill!

  3. Dear Erika,

    Strange that you've had trouble booking tickets,I have successfully booked more than a dozen annual passes for friends and family through the airasia site. It could be a problem with your browser settings?

  4. Hi Nasser, I think you're addressing your reply to the wrong person :) It was Teck who's having issues with the ticket bookings.

  5. Dear Erika, Opps. You're right, my response was intended for Teck. My apologies. :-)

  6. Teck, give a try with IE. Lots of sites work better with IE on credit card purchases.

    Setting up a site with online purchasing is a time consuming process and utilizing third party service is common at construction stage.