Saturday, May 19, 2012

Italiano @ Rosmarino

Hi Everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend. Apologies for being M.I.A for quite a while, my work has been super hectic and I've finally found some time to post new articles.

Couple of articles to share on food, yummy food :) Couple of weeks ago, we went to an Italian restaurant, Rosmarino, which has been called as best Italian food in Johor by some Tripadvisor members. Though I have not tried all Italian restaurants in Johor, I find that Rosmarino is the best that we've had (even compared to Gianni's).

For 4 of us, we ordered home made pasta with crab meat (cooked similar to aglio olio style), chicken (forgotten the name :), cod fish, caprese, salad, tiramisu, chocolate mousse and panna cotta desserts as well as drinks. Everything was very nice, except for cod fish which my friend found was a bit fishy. My favourite is the home made pasta, it was delicious. The dinner cost ~RM300 which is quite reasonable given the amount of stuff we ordered. Food was very good, ambience was nice; and with nice company of friends, it was a very enjoyable relaxing evening.

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Overall, I like this restaurant and I love the pasta dish. I recommend giving this place a shot, just skip the fish and stick to pastas and pizzas which are the specialties of the restaurant.

Rosmarino is located at 123 Jalan Damai | Taman Sri Setia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


  1. wow..Erika,,I'm getting very very hungry now...
    thank you all the time...want to see you soon and go out for lunch,or get a spa for relaxation together...

    1. Come back and visit us :) Just drop by! We'll be around in the weekend of end of this month.