Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food - Chapter II

Restaurant Ah Koong

This place is a fishball paradise for fishball lovers like me. You can choose from fishball in soup, fishball noodle, slice fish, fried fish cake, fish fish fish and more fish dishes.

Here's a picture of their menu:

Here's a rundown of what we tried:

Laksa, fried fish cake and mix fish ball kway teow soup:

You can find the list of branches in their website:

Overall: I really like the fishball kwayteow soup which includes cooked oyster, fish maw, fishball & more. The laksa didn't do it for me though. The portion is quite big and is very filling. I cannot remember the total cost of the meal, but it's definitely very reasonable and worth going back for.

Hawker Centre at Johor Jaya

Unfortunately, I cannot remember where this place is exactly located. It's not too far from Tebrau City. I think it is located near to Jalan Dedap, Johor Bahru, 81100, Taman Johor Jaya, which is around 30 minutes drive from East Ledang.

There's an area with night hawker market which is like Singapore's Lau Pa Sat in the evening.

I ordered otah(otak-otak), claypot rice and shared my friend's Zhu Jiao Chu (pork leg stewed in vinegar).

Overall: I like the otah best (though Indonesian otak-otak is still the best :), followed by the pork leg stew which has interesting nice taste. The meal is super cheap. There are so many stalls to choose from, so it's definitely worth going back.

Night market at Gelang Patah

We stumled across this night market which I think is on every Tuesday night. This place is located just 10 minutes from East Ledang.

There are lots of stalls ranging from clothing, variety of food, drinks, toys, fish market, dried fish products to bags. I found this site which has plotted the coordinates of this location (I'm not 100% sure though):

Some pictures I took:

Overall: This place is so close to our place, so I love it :). We walked around for about 15-20 minutes and tried quite a few type of food and this is my favourite (reminds me of my hometown food):

Price is super cheap - each meal ranging from 2 to 4 Ringgit generally. We'll definitely be going back again.


  1. Thanks for the link. Had found the place. For those who wish to follow suit. Just travel the highway towards Singapore and get out the first exit when you see Gelang Patah and drive straight until you see a giant globe. The wet market is on the left.