Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's look at the trends for searches for "East Ledang", "Nusajaya" and "Iskandar Johor" in Google

Google Insight for Search for "East Ledang" all time:

These graphs represent the interest of users on terms East Ledang, Nusajaya & Iskandar Johor. Both graphs show that there have been an increasing trends for these. The increases are usually triggered by PR pubicities period such as news coverage. For example, this news article raised awareness of Nusajaya development and triggered more people to search for Nusajaya and Iskandar Johor on Google.

This tool is great to quickly research and compare trends. Check it out!


  1. Erika,

    Where is the short-term rental place you're staying? I'm looking to get out of the shared flat I'm at in Singapore and give it a try. Posted a message to this affect on the SG expats board, but not sure if you saw it. 9679 8360

  2. Hi Steve, I've dropped you an email, please take a look and contact me if you have any further questions. Thanks!