Saturday, January 8, 2011

Off Road Riding near East Ledang

My husband is a big off-road riding fan, so he's bought himself a second hand KTM 200 EGS which he's also pulled apart and "refurbished" (that's his hobby). He would usually go for a ride nearby on Saturdays and/or Sundays. There are quite a number of good trails starting from 5-10 minutes ride from East Ledang compound. There's also usually a group of bikers from Singapore who park their cars opposite East Ledang sales office and ride out from there. On some days, the group can be of size of 50+ people. The group's organised by Ong from Dirtwheel ( There's a good mix of Singaporeans and Western expats as well as some Malaysians in the group. I'll go along and take pictures at the next excursion.

Here are some pictures I took of Ian riding nearby:

After a ride:

12 Ringgit Bike washing at Gelang Patah:


  1. Hi Booger, nope our bike is Singapore registered bike, but there are quite a no of MY bikes too in the group.