Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Internet in Johor East Ledang

I've been asked this question by quite a no of people, so I thought it's worth writing about.

The home internet we are using is broadband internet by Unifi. We subscribed to the VIP50 plan which costs 149RM/month and includes:
- 60GB download/month (though not monitored and imposed currently)
- download/upload up to 5Mbps
- a home line (free calls to other TM fixed lines)
- basic TV channels (which includes Channelnewsasia)

To subscribe, you will need to call their hotline and schedule for an appointment. This can be quite troublesome as their technicians are quite busy so the open slots are quite limited and you may have to wait for a couple of weeks. My advice is to call as soon as you can to book for the appointment.

The connection runs on optic fibre backbone and is very fast, much faster than Starhub in Singapore. There were a couple of incidents of internet connection not being available for about an hour (apart those caused by occasional power outages). Other than that, I've not had any other problems and am happy with the speed we're getting. We use internet for Skype calls, download files and watching Youtube is not such a hassle now :)

Here's more information on Unifi's website:

Update (20 Feb 2011):

We've been having continuous problems with our home internet this whole week. We found out that the TM modem keeps resetting itself, therefore dropping connections at certain intervals in the day. My husband found this issue reported in this forum. We're looking at buying our own modem which should fix this annoying issue.

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