Friday, December 30, 2011

Iskandar Corruption Case Growing Bigger Each Day

This seems to be getting bigger each day!

Here's a snippet of recent article from Jakarta Post:

"The New Straits Times (NST), also quoting sources, reported that the foreigners were working hand in glove with officials of state-owned property developer Iskandar Investment (IIB) for hefty kickbacks for projects secured.

This week, two people were charged in relation to the scandal. One was Mohd Amin Suhaimi, 52, the husband of ex-IIB chief executive Arlida Ariff. He was charged with three counts of soliciting and accepting bribes amounting to RM1.6 million (US$504,000) to help a company secure a school construction tender last year.

The other was former senior IIB vice-president Rostam Razali, 51, who is accused of disclosing information on the estimated tender price of a road project three years ago. The allegations of graft first came to light at the end of last year, when an internal audit turned up irregularities."

Read here for the entire article.

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