Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Johor Premium Outlets

A couple of weekends ago we went to check out the Johor Premium Outlets. This place has been aggressively marketed to Singaporeans and has been all over radio, so we're curious to check it out.

The area is nicely laid out and you can find quite a number of popular fashion brands. However, the prices seem to be still quite steep and I did not find it much cheaper than anywhere else, so I was quite disappointed. We did not buy anything, except for Coffee Bean drinks and lunch at George & Dragon Café :).

Based on news report, the area will be expanded from 70 stores to 130 stores in the near future. "Genting Simon Group also plans to build a waterpark, a meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition convention centre and a 2,000 room hotel in the area." as quoted in TheStar.

It is all fine, good and exciting to hear this, but I would hope that Malaysia immigration would step up their services and resources to deal with the increasing flow of tourists from Singapore. Our friends were stuck for 3-4 hours on 2nd link causeway on Saturday noon. It is useless to have MAC pass because all lanes were equally jammed. I hope MY government will take this into account and put some serious actions into expanding the checkpoints.

Restaurants & food court in the compound:

Driving direction from Singapore:
Singapore → Tuas → Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapore → Exit 304 → Exit 302A → Johor Premium Outlets

List of shops can be found here and the outlets are opened from 10 am to 10 pm everyday.

Enjoy & Merry Christmas~


  1. The outlets are quite nice actually... this mall is a copy of the same outlet malls in the USA. Orlando Florida comes to mind... values are good, and there is a decent selection. The Thai restaurant is especially good.

    However.. DO NOT EVER, EVER attempt to cross the causway or second link on a Saturday!!! You'll be stuck for at least 2-3 hours... VERY VERY STUPID traffic control by Malaysia and Singapore..

  2. Hi ProMedUSA, completely agree with you. I'll try the Thai restaurant next time, thanks for the tip :)

    Happy new Year!