Monday, December 5, 2011

S'pore billionaire to buy 10ha from Johor royal family

It is quite difficult to write a blog entry on iPad!

Anyway, I just found a slightly older article about Singapore billionaire, Peter Lim who invested in a 10ha land to develop a medical hub and marina city in Johor Bahru. I think this is great!

This is very positive news as we've been hearing many more stories about Singaporeans crossing the border to get more affordable medical treatment in Johor. A recent story was Ms. Goh Chai Gek who decided to deliver her baby boy in Johor. The total cost of her cesarean section delivery was about RM8,190, including three nights. It would typically have come up to about S$5,840 (RM14,333) in a hospital here, meaning she enjoyed savings of about 40%. “I could also claim the amount from Medisave,” said the 30-year-old accountant.

In Iskandar area, I am happy to be surrounded by Medical school, hospital and pharmacy :) Neighbour of ours recently brought their daughter to Columbia Asia Hospital for a check up. They were very happy and in fact were impressed by the attentiveness, professionalism and affordability of the hospital's service. I may go check out the hospital for a future blog entry :)

Another neighbour of ours has also opened a compounding pharmacy, Amber Pharmacy, at Anjung which is located outside of East Ledang complex.

With Columbia Asia Hospital, pharmacy and a lot of medical professors + students in our area, I feel well covered in case if there's any medical emergency (which hopefully will not happen of course) :)

Seriously, it's nice to hear that there are reliable medical services nearby. A specialist doctor I used to see in Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore charges per 10 minutes and could not wait to get you out of his room - needless to say, I will not return to that clinic again. So it's also very nice to have good reliable alternatives besides the increasingly super expensive medical treatment in Singapore!

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