Saturday, November 6, 2010

Johor State New Administrative Centre - aka Johor Iskandar Govt Office

"Grand" is the word I would use to describe this Johor state government administrative centre. It's so different from the usual high rise office building we'd see in Singapore. From what I can see, there are 5 major buildings, 2 of which resemble a palace.

The new Johor state Govt office is about 10 minutes drive from East Ledang. The fact that it's been relocated into this Iskandar area means that we should see the ambitious Iskandar project continues and comes into fruition (I hope, well that's what everybody thinks).

This state government area is in a huge complex which features interesting building design. It almost feels like you're in a Middle Eastern country. When I researched about this online, the buildings are based on Moorish-Andalusian architecture, which I believe is a Spanish Muslim culture.

I also read that the area will cost est. RM1.5bil (est. SGD625M) to complete....well let's just say that the area should be able to host lots of govt offices. I can see lots of construction works being carried out and it feels like they're building 24/7. Let's give it about 18 months, by 2012, I think the area would have been fully developed. Let' see...

We drove around the area a couple of days ago to explore. I took some pictures standing up in our Subaru which has open rooftop area while Ian was driving. It was super fun...not something that I'd be able to do in Singapore :)

Here are some other pictures I took:

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