Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lightning strike

It's been raining a lot in this part of the world. There's heavy thunderstorm every 3 days. We even experienced lightning which struck near our current house. The strike caused a very very loud noise, the house smelt of burnt circuit and our poor Chihuahua almost had a heart attack due to the shock. The lightning strike damaged a couple of electronic items. Lessons learnt: make sure your house content is covered by insurance and always use surge protectors for important electronic items.


  1. I did point out to Customer Svc, but it's their policy not to install the lighting rods on our homes. The reason? "It will attract lightning" Absurd isn't it, given the exact reverse situation you were put through. Fortunately my unit is near to the clubhouse, which is the only place with a lighting rod in the area (being the highest point so far, at least till the Ujana Apartments are ready). So far, I assume my unit and my immediate neighbours' are sheltered by this.

  2. Hi Yazeed,

    Yes we've informed the management as well. As of now, I think it's best to ensure that our home content is fully insured. We're still getting our microwave oven fixed, but insurance wise, there was no problem with the claim.


  3. I have lobang for this.
    Good for lighting at 50% discount then SGP.

  4. Thanks for the tips Uncle David, shall check it out