Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food - Chapter I

I promised to write about some of the eating places that we've tried in the surrounding area. I'm still yet to explore a lot more places, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are a few that I took note of

Old Town White Coffee

This place was my first outing for lunch with our neighbours and the chain is one of the largest kopitiams chain shops in Malaysia. They're very famous for their white coffees. I don't drink coffee so I'm not sure how good the coffee is but I've been told that the coffee drinks they serve are pretty good.

I ate a couple of times at the Nusa Bestari branch which is located at No 2 Jalan Bestari 7/5, No 1 Jln Bestari 6/5, Taman Nusa Bestari.

The menu is quite diverse, but I've only tried:
- Oldtown Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun
- Oldtown Nasi Lemak Special

Both are quite good. I can't remember the prices but the meals are very reasonable (cheap by Singapore standard).

Overall experience & feedback: Not a fancy place, but easy place for quick meals, cheap pricing. 3 spoons out of 5 from me.

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Hawker Centre (next to Old Town White Coffee @ Nusa Bestari)

There are more than 10 stalls clustered in this hawker eating place. At night, the place is quite crowded with locals who come to drink beer and eat cheap local food.

It's pretty much the same as hawker centre in Singapore, you can find quite a variety of food ranging from local laksa to carrot cake.

I've tried the fried kue tiao a couple of times and I quite like it. It cost RM4 per plate. The serving is quite generous and will surely fill you up. The "chef" puts his heart in frying each plate of kue tiaow. If you watch him fry the kue tiao, he seems to be conducting a symphony of orchestra :)

Overall experience & feedback: Good for cheap local meal, the fried kue tiao is good and cheap. 3 spoons from me.

Chef Wah

This Chinese restaurant is tucked away near Jalan Persiaran Perling 2. Unfortunately I do not have the exact address of the restaurant and Google Maps is showing a very outdated map of the area (the road doesn't exist in Google Maps). From memory, you'll be driving from Bukit Indah area, past Tesco (Jalan Indah, Bandar Nusajay) on your left, go straight and turn right to go into the smaller lane along Jalan Persisiran Perling 2. You'll see Ali Cafe (with it's white circles decor on the building) and a Muslim curry eatery, continue til the end of that lane and you'll see Chef Wah at the corner. The restaurant is quite packed with local Chinese. To me, it looks like the local version of Crystal Jade. Looking at the pictures in the menu, the chef seems to be quite reputable (picture below).

We ordered 3 dishes: String beans, E Fu mien (I can't remember how this is spelled - crispy noodle with gravy and seafood) and soup (fish bone brew).

Total cost of the meal was around RM50.

Overall experience & feedback: In Johor standard, the meal was slightly more expensive but I enjoyed the meal very much and would definitely go back again. I especially like the soup and the noodle. Afterall, the meal it's still cheaper than Singapore's :)

Ayukama Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Located in Sutera, this is one of the few Japanese restaurants in the area. This buffet restaurant offers sashimi, sushi, teppanyaki, ramen, udon, basically pretty much everything that you'd normally order in a Japanese restaurant.

The buffet costs around RM50 per person. You can eat as much as you like, but for me the food was just OK.

Overall experience & feedback: Quite expensive in Johor terms, the sashimi was just OK, overall it didn't blow me away.

Nyonya Joy Restaurant

Small peranakan restaurant located at 2, 4G, Jalan Bestari 5/2, Johor Bahru, 81300, Taman Nusa Bestari.

We ordered Fried chicken wings, ikan assam pedas, cincalok Eggs and Steamed lady fingers with sambal paste. The cincalok eggs is rather standard, but I quite like the ikan assam pedas and steamed lady fingers with sambal paste. Both taste quite salty sour and a little bit spicy (would have preferred it to be a lot spicier). I didn't like the chicken wings though, it was too dry and oily for me.

The meal cost 59.40RM.

Overall experience & feedback: I think I'll go back again to try other dishes. The restaurant staff were all very friendly.

Hai Wan Restaurant

Seafood restaurant located at No 2, Jalan Indah 16/7, Taman Bukit Indah, Nusajaya Johor.

There are quite a no of seafood restaurants in the area. We just randomly picked this restaurant. We had broccoli with scallops, cereal prawns and butter fried chicken. The chicken was the tastiest out of the 3 meals, the other 2 are quite nice too. The meal cost 50RM.

Overall experience & feedback: We will go back again and try other dishes and/or order the butter fried chicken again.


  1. Hi

    Appreciate your time and effort in this blog. I am glad to read your interesting and useful entries. Me and my wife came across East Ledang 5 months ago and fell for the development after being introduced by a friend and resident there (phase 1). Friend showed us around and visted Gelang Patah less than 10mins drive away - there are fruit stalls, hawker eateries (noted a penang style fried kue tiao among them) and convenient shops which may benefit you and worth a check.

    Thanks for this entry and Cheers!


  2. Thanks nicholas for the comment and suggestions. I have been to gelang patah but yet to update my blog on that. Happy to hear that you find my blog useful. Thanks for reading!